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August 18, 2008


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Bob Bennett

Hello Vietnam! Or was that what Robin Williams would say? Let' start again. Hello Alumni of the Trips to Turkey! Does not roll as easily off the tongue but probably has more meaning for us. Isn't it great that our fabulous hosts are inviting us to relive in part the wonderful trip to Turkey that we enjoyed so much. We also get to see our trip mates - but you have to attend in order for that to happen. Please RSVP for September 4, 2008 and plan to come to the Turquiose House, 9301 West Bellfort from 7pm to 9 pm. It will be so great to see everyone - we are so looking forward to it. Please call 713-974-4443. or call my office at 713-225-6000 - If there is music, Jay and I will plan on dancing - with our wives this time!
Bob Bennett

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