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June 26, 2009


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An examination of Fethullah Gülen’s philosophy of education and the educational activities of the movement...



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If you come to Istanbul you should really cuise on the Bosphorus. Thank you a lot to Bosphorus Cruise , which was recommended by my friend, booking on internet. I went to a full day tour Bosphorus and Dolmabahce Palace. At the both sides of Bosphorus there are many historical places and incredibly beautiful scenary. My advise is to look at the side about which your guide is giving information because the facts given by the guide were short and fulfilling www.privatetoursinistanbul.com our tour started without delay and we visited different places. Especially Dolmabahce Palace was perfect with its architectural features .My other favorite place was Camlica Hill where you can take a look at the Bosphorus and other side (Europian one) and take a deep breath and relax. The scenary was wonderfull. We returned at our hotel on time and this is important for me, we did not have any delay. You may think that when you return to the hotel you will feel tired. Well I am not sure about that because the Bosphoruse Tour is really relaxing. I almost forgat J the lunch was a squere meal with so many variations of Turkish food. It was delicious. It was an unforgetable day.

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The religious women of all ages on our objective used very vibrant and attractive jewelry to take care of their locks. I would say it was almost like a fashion equipment.

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