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June 05, 2007



Your excellent list has one stunning ommission, NJ's own Chris Christie. Straight out of the same office that produced Michael Chertoff AND Sam Alito, he is the very embodiment of federal prosecutorial misconduct.

Bob Bennett

Appreciate the comments from Barry concerning "NJ's own Chris Christie - can you send some sites or blogs that we can look at? would also like to have your email. Also AZBookrat provided some excellent information re. Bradley Berry in Yamahill County. Thanks for the butt-slapping information! Funny but truly sad.
Sandy let us know that some other bloggers have gotten the article sent out and we are the Texas Bob Bennett, not of Washington, D.C., if there is any confusion. Glad that Sandy loves the list.
Barbara who has a blog - Barbara's Journey Toward Justice - concerning Dennis Fritz (who has also written a book "Journey Toward Justice" and was the other "innocent man" in the John Grisham book, "The Innocent Man" about the Adda Oklahoma prosecutions. Barbar can be located at barbarasblogspot.blogspot.com/
Please keep sending other blogs and sites ore news and media outlets where we can provide more information about bad prosecutors.
Bob Tex Bennett

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