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August 23, 2007



Thank you for publishing the 10 worst. I only wish you could have published hundreds more as I am convinced there are.

Dawn Stroup

I am that survivor that Chistopher raped. He not only raped me I have permantent damage to both my hands from knife wounds, and am still fighting PTSD. I was nothing but kind to Chistopher and he hurt me over and over. As for political aspirations of the prosicutors I didn't know or care, this case was handled very carefully and properly to ensure it would be won. I would not deal with less. As for you parading around my house after the trial with your sign, your stupid antics terrified a woman who was trying to receive justice and get on with her life. Tell me what is your justification for the guard he assaulted with a shiv?? As for when the defendant was taken into chambers with the jury I suspect that was when my best friend was explaining how it would be wrong for her to serve on the jury. She was relieved to hold my hand.
Thank you for the space, Dawn Stroup suviving

jorge benitez

If A Prosecutor intentional presents false documents that Prosecutor should be punish for wrong doing Prosecutor Bonnie R Bentley of CT.presented the wrong phone records just because if she present those phone records they will implicate the CT. Authorities,

Bob Bennett

I am the subject of a libelous post on your “Worst Prosecutors” website, dated 11-16-2008, by Meredith Maurer regarding the 2003 rape prosecution of Christopher Njos. Please be advised that virtually everything posted by Ms. Maurer is false, particularly including allegations that I supposedly engaged in conduct that would amount to a felony in the State of Illinois. By way of background, Mr. Njos was prosecuted for multiple counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. The aggravating factor that the rape was predicated on was that he nearly cut off two of the victim’s fingers in the commission of the offense. Mr. Njos gave a post-Miranda, full, written confession to each and every element of the crimes for which he was charged. He was found guilty of all counts and sentenced to 46 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections based upon the heinous nature of his conduct.

That the posting is false and libelous is evidenced by the absurd nature of the allegations. For example, I am alleged to have entered the jury room during deliberations. Obviously, this would be a serious crime in every jurisdiction in the nation. Further, I am quite certain that Texas is no different than Illinois in that bailiffs are sworn and posted to make certain that no one is permitted in a jury room during deliberations. The very ridiculousness of the allegations should put you on notice that they are untrue.

Further, you need to look no further than your own website to find evidence of the libelous nature of this posting. Please review the victim’s (D.S.) posting dated 7-15-2009 for a thorough refutation of Ms. Maurer’s tortious allegations.

Please also be advised that at the time that you enabled Ms. Maurer to defame my reputation, I was a private citizen. So that it is clear, I resigned from my position as an Assistant State’s Attorney in July 2004. Since that time, I have been an attorney who maintains a private practice.

Finally, under the Texas Rules of Professional Responsibility, electronic and/or digital solicitations are regulated by Rule 7.05, which plainly renders an attorney subject to discipline for communications that are “false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or unfair statement(s).” This post that you have hosted and continue to upload to the internet is all of the above. Additionally, the posting is libelous and libelous per se. I demand that you immediately remove Ms. Maurer’s post from your website and take all necessary steps to render it inaccessible by those accessing your website. Please be very clear, in the event that you refuse to do so, I will avail myself to every legal and ethical means of redress in response thereto.


Troy C. Owens

Owens & Laughlin, LLC

9 W. Crystal Lake Rd.

Suite 210

Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156

(847) 854-8700

(847) 854-8777 - facsimile

jorge benitez

My case is on appeal at the present time my new lawyer had putt in our Brief over a year now, the State has not respond to our Brief they keep asking for extension I truly believe that old there doing is buying time the reason is that phone company's keep records for so-long an them they will not be available.dirty work, bad Prosecutors with power Kids at W.N.E.C. makes makes A bad Prosecutor & a Shooter EVIL EVIL


In 04/19/06 A Thompson CT. man shot two Humans as they were running down on public RD. After the shooting He came back in to His property set fire to a small-old-barn, to cover His tracks and a the same time frame a used car dealer Man of Arson. In this case the Shooter name is Joseph S Gionet Prosecutor Bonnie R Bentley. Kids in college Julia Bentley & Joseph S Gionet Jr. Prosecutors got power-over-the-courts.and they play DIRTY.


I can't help but wonder why Jeff Wible of Lagrange County Indiana wasn't on the list. He is known around the County as, "PLEA BARGAIN WIBLE". Most of his cases never go to trial. He plea bargains offenders and lets them go.

Dianne  Blandford

I just came across your web site. National Marine Fisheries Services/goverment sentenced my husband in prison for eight years for importing lobster tails. I am happy to see Dale J. Jones head of NMFS law inforcement is ousted. He was involved in our lobster lacey Act case. NMFS held back excupatory evidence that would helped us. I could go on and on how they mislead the truth to the jury.

Jacqueline Parker

This POST WITH COMMENTS FROM VARIOUS PEOPLE is for all of the people who do not believe that people in their good ole boy network is corrupt or unethical.

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Merideth Maurer

To Mr Troy Owens, I did nothing to defame anyone's character, including the victim. I simply am looking for advise to get Christopher his right to appeal here! DiCaprio started it and didn't finish it, leaving Christopher left to rot in prison without a legal right to appeal this case! As for driving around Belvidere with the words "We will fight for a fair trial for Christopher Njos"...I have every right to freedom of speech and was told this by MY attorney after being threatened with a class 2 felony from a Belvidere police officer. When I asked this officer what it was that I was doing that would cause it to be a class 2 felony, he would only respond with "Stop doing whatever it is you are doing!" Eventually after not getting an exact answer to what specific law that I was breaking, he told me to hire a lawyer. So I did just that!
Christopher Njos deserves his legal right to appeal and again...we will not stop trying!
So yes, you may say that by my own words here, I'm proving that none of the allegations are true but in reality I am trying to give Chris his fair right to prove them untrue! I wasn't there, I cannot say he did or didn't commit the crime...but it all seems fishy enough for me, Chris, and his family not to give up trying for this child's/now adult's legal rights!
As for what he did while locked up in Boone Co jail...Ive been told by numerous people, including a social worker that worked with teens caught up in the Boone County legal system and in doing so heard many stories of how these kids were picked on and pushed into guilty statements. Christopher was not given his meds properly and the officers would torment him. Its funny how since leaving the Boone County system, he has had no such situations. Any person in their right mind would go crazy under the conditions he was under for 2 years!
Again, it's just a bunch of he says/she says, you want to defend yourself, well Christopher has that right too!
What about all the evidence, if you can call it that?! Where is the DNA evidence? Where are the fingerprints?! What seems like a simple open and shut case to you seems like mistrial to all who are concerned for Christopher.

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